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Selling Mary Kay with greater results!

Are you selling Mary Kay and looking to expand your home-based business? The best way to succeed as a Mary Kay consultant is to learn how to effectively market your business to get a steady stream of targeted leads. These leads are prospects who have shown interest in your Mary Kay business and products.

Below are some Mary Kay tips that you can follow to impact your business in a major way:

Tip # 1: Selling Mary Kay to Your Warm Market

Many companies, which include Mary Kay, suggest you contact your family and friends when you start selling selling Mary Kay. When first starting out in business, these individuals are known as your warm market, and you start by presenting them with your products through presentations and home parties. This is one of the best Mary Kay tips to follow since it is people you know and trust and they will likely want to support you. Your warm market also serves as a great source of referrals to get your name out there. Hey! I’m a Mary Kay consultant! (this is what you say : )*)

Tip # 2: Your Cold Market & Selling Mary Kay

If and when you run out of warm market leads, your next approach could be your cold market which is purchasing a list of leads from a vendor and cold calling them. Your cold market also includes individuals you do not know personally, or may meet in your day-to-day affairs. Do not let the cold market scare you; once you work on this skill, you will be able to add on a few new customers or recruit some distributors.

However, this is not to say that you will not experience some rejection, as this is natural when working cold market. If you are not comfortable making cold calls and prefer leads that are familiar with you, you may not want to consider purchasing cold leads in this manner. The below tips may better suit your needs in building a online Mary Kay home business.

Tip # 3: Online Mary Kay with Facebook Marketing Exposure

Facebook is the all in all marketing today and everyone is using it. This is another exceptional  tip you should consider following because there is huge potential marketing on Facebook. Millions of people visit this site on a daily basis. By utilizing Facebook groups to get the word out on your Mary Kay products and business opportunity, you can generate tons of leads. In return, you have the opportunity to create a Mary Kay online business, which may be a profitable approach for your business.

Simply join Facebook groups in the niche you want to target. You do not want to start blasting your ads on these groups but rather contribute valuable information. People do not want to have products pushed on them so be sure to follow the 80/20 rule which is 80 percent of the time you are sharing value and 20 percent of the time you are sharing your products and business opportunity links.

Tip # 4: Is Blogging for a Mary Kay Business Owner?

Yet another highly effective Mary Kay tip to follow is blogging. This is simply starting your own blog in the niche you want to target. Then, concentrate on providing your visitors with valuable information within their niche that they can use like practical tips and suggestions, product reviews, etc. You may even write articles. Give your visitors the opportunity to comment on your blog and respond to their comments. You can also visit other peoples’ blogs within the same niche and make valuable comments.

This will grab their visitors’ attention and have them coming back to your blog. Building your business and selling Mary Kay products is not as hard as some people make it out to be. You simply need to follow the Mary Kay marketing tips like the ones above and be consistent with your approach. Ultimately, you must ask yourself, what am I looking to accomplish in my Mary Kay Home Business?

If you are truly serious about getting the results you want and deserve when selling Mary Kay and have a desire to grow your home business, get access to the platform I use that recruits, trains, and generates leads and interested quality prospects on auto-pilot.


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